About Us

Thank you for visiting HMP Salon's Online Store.   First let me give you a bit of backstory as to who I am and how I got my company to where we are today.  My name is Heather Harvey. In November of 2004, I started a mobile pet grooming company in Houston, Texas and named it Heather's Mobile Pet Salon, naturally.  When the demand for my services increased, I knew then the potential this company had to be successful.  Throughout the years I have persevered despite many downfalls and mistakes made along the way.  Back in the early part of 2013 I decided it was time to buckle down and expand.  So, I started hiring groomers and adding units to the road. During that same year I had my story accepted to be archived in the Library of Congress, received the prestigious Woman of the Year Award in my industry including numerous other positive write ups and awards. 

One day it clicked " Why stop there?"  I quickly turned into we and pretty soon we were adding products but knew there had to be a better more efficient way to, not only add products but, create better exposure for growing the company.  Our goal for this company is to expand our online presence and to bring not only premium pet services to our customers' doors but also all items pet related to your door as well.   Thank you for checking out our online store.  Please stay tuned as we add more customer and fan requested content in the months to come. Engage with us on Facebook and Instagram.

We would love to hear from you and your fur-babies on what to offer along with your great feedback. Who knows, we could expand to a city near you. Thank you for the love and support. All this started because... We love pets.